House Foundation Types

House Foundation Types. The choice of a home foundation depends on the soil type of the construction site. These pads are inserted and secured into the ground using treated wood posts or steel rods.

House Foundation Types
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There are several types of structural foundation systems that exist today. The following are a broad view of the most common types of foundations used on homes. This chapter will tie all of these issues together with a discussion of foundation types and methods of constructing a foundation for a residential structure.

This is made of short foundation walls that usually stand on footings.

There are three foundation types most commonly used for single family homes in the United States: basement foundation, slab foundation, and pier and beam foundation.

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Types of Structural Foundations in Building Construction

Crawl spaces are the most common type of foundations, as they are suitable for all climates. Before delving into the different types of home foundations, there are some requirements that apply to all foundations, from the smallest garden shed to the largest sprawling villa. This is known as a strip foundation.

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