What Do You Store In Dresser Drawers. A chest of drawers is literally a chest of drawers. At some point in our lives, we've all pulled open a dresser drawer and balked at how unorganized it is.

What Do You Store In Dresser Drawers
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Store clothes and linens in style with modern dressers and chests of drawers. You do not want slanted handles. Dressers can be found for free from The one I'm building is to be seven drawers high, and that takes up a lot of wood for the drawers.

Another thing you may want to use your dresser drawer for is for your socks!

After the sanding and priming marathon, it's time to paint the dresser, drawers, and shelf pieces.

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In an Hour: Turn Rubber Any dresser looks modern with a silhouette of bright white. Another option to spruce up an old dresser is to replace each of the drawers. I'm so excited to get BIG drawers that I feel like I might be a bit over zealous I also know that all these special cabinets cost more than just a plain cabinet.