How Wide Is A Two Car Garage

How Wide Is A Two Car Garage. But economy does not necessarily mean less value. Every Detached Two Car Garage is carefully built by our garage building teams based in Lancaster, PA.

How Wide Is A Two Car Garage
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IMO it would be considered a two car garage in name only. From storage, to an office space, to a guest room, they can do it all! Determine the width of the driveway, basing it on the size of your garage.

But economy does not necessarily mean less value.

Two car garage doors are much longer than one car garage doors and can comfortably fit two cars, trucks or SUVs through them without any problems.

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That should give you enough room for two mid-size cars with enough extra space to walk around them and store a few additional things. Two-car garages (also known as double garages or double-wide garages) are enclosed metal shelters that are designed to house two vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.). Not much room for shelving and an area to walk around the vehicles, if they are full size.

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