Recipe: Delicious Tofu and vegetable Bruschetta

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Recipe: Delicious Tofu and vegetable Bruschetta

Place a baking sheet over a baking tray. Spread marinated tofu and vegetables over the sheet pan. Take out and turn the tofu cubes and vegetables. You can have Tofu and vegetable Bruschetta using 8 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Tofu and vegetable Bruschetta

  1. It’s of long, thin french bread.
  2. It’s of Roma tomato – diced.
  3. It’s of celery – diced.
  4. Prepare of jalapeƱo – diced.
  5. Prepare of firm tofu – diced.
  6. It’s of Morningstar vegetarian ground beef.
  7. You need of chopped or minced cilantro.
  8. It’s of flavored olive oil – hot peppers, basil, lemon olive oil.

Enjoy hot when tofu is still crisp. Put the oil in a skillet. De-glaze the pan with the wine. Add the potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, tofu, olives, capers, and vegetable stock.

Tofu and vegetable Bruschetta step by step

  1. In fry pan, add all diced and chopped ingredients with 1 tsp oil and dash of salt and pepper, fry 5 min..
  2. Slice bread diagnally, place on pan, drizzle flavor olive oil on bread slices, add a spoonful of topping mixture, toast Bruschetta in oven, and serve..

Stir in the bay leaves, cayenne, allspice, and salt. Transfer vegetable mixture to a serving platter; cover and keep warm. Remove paper towel from the tofu and sprinkle with salt. Tuck tofu onto baking sheet and brush with half of the remaining syrup mixture. Cook eggplant stirring often, until softened and starting to brown, for.

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