Recipe: Perfect Stick Potato Wedges

Stick Potato Wedges. If you have one, a nonstick baking sheet works really well here. Scrub the potatoes, cut them in half lengthwise, then cut each half in thirds lengthwise. Thoroughly wash potatoes, cut in half, and slice into wedges.

Recipe: Perfect Stick Potato Wedges

Cut each potato lengthwise into eight wedges. Place half of the potatoes in the bag; shake well to coat. Set up two large bowls and in the first one whisk the milk and egg together. You can cook Stick Potato Wedges using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Stick Potato Wedges

  1. Prepare of raw Potatoes peeled.
  2. Prepare of Salt or to taste.
  3. It’s of Red Chilli powder.
  4. You need of Chat Masala.
  5. It’s of Turmeric powder.
  6. Prepare of Garam Masala.
  7. You need of Dry Mango powder or Amchur.
  8. It’s of Oregano.
  9. Prepare of Peri Peri Seasoning.

In the second bowl combine the flour, seasoned salt, black pepper, paprika, garlic powder. Dry wedge potatoes on paper towelling. Drop several potato wedges into the melted butter and mix to coat with butter. Now roll potatoes in the crumb/spice mixture … Unfortunately, roasting vegetables, particularly potatoes, can be tricky, because they tend to stick to roasting pans and must be pried off, often losing their crispy … In a small mixing bowl, mix the olive oil, minced garlic, creole seasoning, black pepper and onion powder.

Stick Potato Wedges step by step

  1. Peel all the Potatoes and cut them into thick Wedges. Rinse them under running water thoroughly. Keep aside in a colander..
  2. Meanwhile, heat enough oil for deep frying on low heat. After the Wedges are drained well, add them to a bowl with all the rest of the ingredients mentioned above except the last two..
  3. Fry them immediately few at a time on medium-high to high heat as required. Once they are mixed with the spices, do not give it a long-standing time as Potatoes leave a lot of water..
  4. Drain them well on absorbent paper. Sprinkle them generously with both Oregano and Piri Piri Seasonings. Serve them on toothpicks for a stylish starter dish. Enjoy! Yum!.

Place potato wedges in a large bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat. Sprinkle potato wedges with Parmesan cheese and toss again. Put sliced potatoes, salt, pepper, and oil in a large bowl and toss with your hands. The oil will help the spices stick to the potatoes.

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